Good News The Governmental Goals of God TV has had it’s BEST DAY EVER with 281 views this is because

  1. Because I believe I tell it as it is not how I would like it to be (different!)
  2. Because I use my observations on real data as it presents itself an long drawn out painstaking process enduring Live Athons is one such instance.
  3. It functions I sense as a sort of God TV Journalism Site like a Newspaper or Magazine detailing their exploits or none, vision or none, success or not and even solutions (miracle needed big answers =big god=need big faith and everyone who agrees with this Blog)
  4. God TV reads this Blog as does JH2 Media, Crown House, someone called glo, Mark Goodge himself the Usenet Demagogue and god who censors usenet and internet has paid a visit or two. (does he really think i want his contact details fun emailing awaits and post ups here for deletions!!!!)
  5. God tv starts secret net campaign recruiting bloggers and Cecile myers and alistair chap spam Wikipedia.
  6. I would confidently refer my academic friends and family here to be warned their souls matter and rejoice that Dawkins watches God TV and he and his minions can tear God TV apart employing vast range of ‘ologies and ‘ies by ‘ists and various forms of analyses. If I have to or God enables me to protect Harvard MIT et al as informed Amateur who loves Academia so be it. Gods kingdom come to Academia and THRIVE and we don’t mean Students but Gods heart for the Professoriates, Post Docs, Post Grads the Intellectual process, thank god for ‘olgoies and ‘osophies etc ‘atics and ‘stisc.
  7. God TV folks have replied to me in blog I have nt hidden Comments. Rory and Wendy and Co Joyner etc dig their own spiritual graves and it is my duty to warn. Rescue of them in prayer means this Blog is a resource for how ever many are prepared to join me in breaking the homeogeneous lump assumed by god tv joyner folks. Real ministry is heterogeneous in character has problems etc but at least we deal with them ok babes!!??
  8. god has given me neighbours unsaved who support intentions and warnings of this blog important. now Jesus to show himself as the never stopped being wonderful blameless holy god man that He is.

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