Likely Censorship or inhibited participation engendered as a result of wrong people in right ministry locations UK and online

I belong to Mental Health Cluster in Colchester Benny Hinn Fanatic is on it too. If you submit I am not lying etc then he is a False prophet and the church is being sold down the line by God tV and it’s minions in name of friendship over and above the real needs of the shock horror global Body of Christ.

Evidence Based Real Fallout being dealt with by pastors Churches at ground level. I was shown ONE CHURCH in Orlando Florida which deals with fallout from Benny Hinn’ministries’ (big shots support Hinn when he should be under discipline and learning truths of Gospel all over again that is unless he has gone too far and is irretrievable)

I was chucked off a Sexaul Brokeness and Healing Forum by an IHOPer, a number of IHOPers are on this Ministry. I may have to take this higher as this Ministry has pioneered something so significant as to have me pray for Schools Out No 2. God and Academic God and Academia are now a partnership, God and Academic Righteousness Unrighteousness Broken ness copyrightkjah2007 perhaps with others (academics perhaps one day!!??) . I cannot let them win.

God TV and it’s minions want a stake in every Ministry of significance especially if National and International are metaphors and or prophetic signficance.

God legally backed me up against them and I won on all counts for stepping out of every box that prevents prayer to save them. I will NOT let them win.

The Ministry belongs to me it is my possession I accept them if they like IHOP but I cannot and will not condone or endorse it although the model is usable but chuck the folks out first.

The Call

Predictable Church Centred correcting Church perhaps my Thesis in action against Jezebel Baal Society change etc. How in gods name will you know you have an Answer ?


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