No Safe Godly Cultural Space :(

What do I mean by the term ‘Cultural Space’ but space to be ‘me’ space to have the music and arts and literature etc that relates to*my* interests skewed to my particular brand of culture cross national and ethnic ‘brands’ and class orientated ‘brands’.

So my choice is this: UCB and God TV CCM Revelation and Genesis marginalise the CCM agenda (safe people not just CCM) leaving one forced to go to UCB and God TV for succour if you can call it succour as JOYNER- INFUSED Music and Arts literature prevails meaning you feel a ‘spirit’ a bad spirit behind the music however godly and socially concerned the protagonists are -as if social concern were a sufficient and necessary indicator of righteousness.

So I posit FORCED LISTENING and Dirty Frames good stuff being  outputted via a spiritual Sewer is not proper Listenership at all. Therefore I TAKE FROM GOD TV UCB ETC giving is ruled out excerpt on my terms and my terms alone.


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