Personnel Changes at God TV NEW

OUT goes Oliver Raper able and willing to step in with PR friendly action filming etc.

IN Comes Marcel New SA Regional Director

NEWS Special Projects Staff Allocation has increased by 2 3/rds Original SP Director Johnny Woodrow

Added Simone Jacobson BTS

Added Bo Sander now Executive Director

Bo Sander is now Executive Director and Head of Broadcast and Distribution and Albert Dicken has been transfered sideways to Trustee previous God TV Director with regular featuring on God TV Missions Week doing his business slot.

New South African Regional to help Marcel Greg Chapman

Steve Beik Trustee is now US Regional Director.

Dream on TV Staffers Chip K and Emma and Linz (ex WWMT and current Innervation Trust) do Youth orientated Programmes.

Jennifer Hughes runs her own Company plus Mobile Video via JH2 Media has her own Show, all producers have their own Production jCompanies.

Most important if you look at past Rory and Wendy Shows ALL FRIENDS ARE ALLOWED PERMITTED AND ENCOURAGED TO START BANDS our dear friend Evander Holyfield had his musical exploits featured on Rory and Wendy Show.

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