Further details about the SLC Note who is on the Invite List


  • Rick Renner (Russia)
  • Sunday Adelaja (Ukraine)
  • Gary Clarke (UK)
  • Stanley Hoffwijks (Netherlands)
  • Stuart Bell (UK)
  • Jarle Tangstad (Denmark)
  • Ingolff Elsell (Germany)
  • Egil Svartdahl (Norway)
  • John Angelina (Germany)
  • Rory Alec (UK)
  • Magnus Persson (Sweden)
  • Alexey Ledyaev (Latvia)
  • Karl Axel Mentzoni (Norway)
  • Thomas Ardenfors (Sweden)
  • Andrey Chebotarev (Latvia)
  • Zhenya and Vera Kasevich (Ukraine)
  • Chris Cole (UK)
  • Andrew Owen (UK)
  • Ray Bevan (UK)
  • Odd-Arve Roed (Norway)
  • Clive Urquhart (UK)
  • Scott Wilson (Denmark)
  • Linda Wilson (Denmark)
  • Mika Yrjola (Finland)
  • Tom Rawls (UK)
  • Bayless Conley (USA)
  • Steve Kelly (USA)
  • Spencer Nordyke (USA)
  • Danny Guglielmucci (Australia)
  • Steve Penny (Australia)
  • Russell Evans (Australia)
  • Ashley Evans (Australia)
  • Donovan Coetzee (South Africa)
  • Anthony Liebenberg (South Africa)… and many more.

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