Secular Humanism The Academy and The Alecs

Working Draft

The Alec’s view secular philosophies as anti-Christian whereas in the Church God has raised Saints with secular philosophy roots. The Alec’s wish to change SOCIETY TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING WHICH THEY CLAIM TO BE GODS AND THE CHURCH. (The Call 7/7/07 is a case in point). Therefore philosophers/students/academics need to be wary of any thing to do with God TV Joyner and use their critical faculties and training to scrutinize them to the nth degree.

The use of the rational and critical faculty will expose the numerous dangers presentable to the educated and as Christians close examination will reveal the spiritual errors which are many and dangerous: Hinn, Prosperity teaching et, exploiting vulnerable**mental health and other problems generated by the so called ‘ministry. God Tv as a solution to where do we go now (we have left the Church for good problem.


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