NEWS FLASH: John Copeland and Jesse Du Plantis tell Viewers of how they have GIVEN 29 Planes away to Ministries.

I was watching BVOV this week on Inspiration Network and to my astonishment heard this: ‘we gave away 29 planes to[other]  Ministries’ said John Copeland and Jesse Du Plantis. Kenneth Copeland has his own Airport, Jesse Du Plantis his own Plane. Benny Hinn recently I think last year appealed to viewers to finance a £2m plane a Gulfstream Jet.

I have no doubt that the Alecs and God TV Staff have ridden/commandeered the private jets in an effort to avoid ‘leakage’ of precious thoughts on common air routes and to get away from run of the mill people ( they don’t have exactly comfortable people skills bar their own clique and agenda).

I think this cannot be seen as godly behaviour by Churches watching God TV. Rory Alecs unrepented of bankruptcy behaviours and harmful effects on Viewers can only be compounded by this sort of behaviour.

Copeland and Du Plantis were speaking of the accusations made against them on the show and their coping mechanisms citing God all the time as is their time honoured practice.

(BVOV 19 June 20007 Inspiration Network Citation Check)

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