The Reformation[of the Church] Agenda

It is amazing what you can learn by continually watching God TV as Principal Investigator so to speak to use Researchers parlance. Plus if you have a remotely academic outlook on life you can learn so much just by soaking it all up.

So REFORMATION see P60 of Rick Joyner ‘The harvest’ look at Cindy Jacobs line up with Dutch Sheets Jim Goll etc (note all Americans!!) and their Agenda. Listen to Mike Bickle talk about works not suitable for the new Agenda (IHOP Coverage on God TV) and if you read this Blog you will note that an plan is afoot to qaush Ministries, Churches, Individuals, Broadcasters, etc Art projects, Music, CCM etc the whole thing healing ministries, that comes in the way.

NB Note well Dismantling is a much a matter of character [of] a Ministry as it’s actual constituted original generated unique existence. Look round it is UNIQUE OR A CLONE? Rory Wendy Rick Joyner Message to Schools Kansas City Prophets (rehabilitation process by God TV) all are SO ALIKE. Identikit Leather Jackets, Uniforms etc etc.

(Cindy Jacobs Edition Cindy Jacobs supportive prophesies which I believe are simply SEEING INTO THEIR HEARTS)

To Come: Key Notes about ‘something to be dismantled in BOSTON (University Campus Central) ‘Boston, Boston’ says Wendy. I must write post and warn Academic Community to this threat to their intellectual life. The other more sinister side of God TV.


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