Who is that Pastor who claims to speak for this Nations Church Leadership?

My guess he is a friend of long standing not a Viewer as God TV states. That he is based in NE/NW England, that he is traceable. That he has no right to speak for Church Leaders in this country and it is the ultimate act of arrogance on God TV’s behalf on the God TV Vision Reels.

I know them well enough to know hardly ever or rarely will anyone appear on the Channel who isn’t THEIR FRIEND. So you Pastor your words mean diddly sqaut you are arrogant and have NO RIGHT  to speak for The UK Church on God TV. YOU do not represent me or us.

Your Church is fine I am sure Rory and Wendy worship there it meets their high standards of hearing God but as per usaul I don’t see you hearing and seeing the love of God for the rest of Gods Church.


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