God TV’s Goals: Massive Numbers

  1. God TV wants a million Prayer Partners
  2. A billion souls (no running statistics bug on the upper end of the screen so thought dismissed unless I see proof)
  3. 100,000 Young People Message to schools Revolution an Underground (Andy Hawthorne Ultimate Event 2007)
  4. A Collective in every City**Innervation Trust Chip K
  5. National Spread of Gilead Centres (Chris Cole Cross Rhythms).
  6. 100,000Houses of Prayer in IHOP Model.
  7. A Gulfstream Jet for Benny Hinn
  8. Another plane for Jesse du Plantis.
  9. Rick Joyner wants more money than the US Government he is entering into prayer about it.
  10. Message to Schools wants it’s initiatives spread nation wide no matter that they are nasty people who ignore and disregard the normal good behaviours attending raising a Movement ie listening to your Supporters or not.
  11. Rick Joyner supposedly hangs out with the GREATEST Preacher, Evangelists, Prophets (all Level Ones all Global Prophets in US mode) but does not tell us WHO THEY ARE, WHERE YOU MEET THEM AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

And I think God TV is back into Financial Trouble; I prophesy money troubles ahead of Missions Week and woaahh we are back to Square One, The Vault Picture where the Enemy was supposedly blocking the resourcing of the Ministry. You see as you add up the Current Liabilities one does wonder if God Channel are denying Technical Insolvency.


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