How much would it cost to pay for ALL 5000 Hotel Rooms in Jerusalem for 2008 Tour (Book a year in advance!)

Total Cost of 5000 Hotel Rooms in Jerusalem = n

Running Total of No of Viewers attending God TV Israel Tours 850 max last tour in 2006

Average or weighted average of no above.

5000 minus average/weighted average

Take up by other Ministries how much pressure to attend on Elijah List Ministries and Joyner at the centre of it all.

Further substraction.

Add in

Missions Week Running Totals

Pledge Fufillment Rates

Paul Adrenilich Face poor man!

And you get a financial picture and one can estimate some kind of a failure scenario.

3000 figure for God TV Viewers booked a year in advance.

3000 minus 850= 2,10o deficit on God TV Viewer Figure.

subtract capital costs of Tour (ambitious far reaching)


subtract operational costs =

likely DEFICIT or in the red financing so typical of God TV it its quest for world domination.


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