Rory Alec’s heart is in SA and US NOT UK

So Cliff and Andre Spiritual Father and Mother said which Rory Alec immediately denies.

But we all know Rory Alec wants to be A) in the USA with Rick Joyner in West Virginia and at Heritage USA hanging out with the Elijah List and the NAR folks basically power mad spiritual imperialists ala the Alecs and Cole wishing to take charge of the entire Church of God and have it under their sway as orders is so well avoidable and hateful to them. B) South Africa Rustenberg would be Home Place No 2 Joint No 1 as living in England aka the UK is anachronistic to them and opposes every spiritual bone in their body. The UK England sweet England is just a Bank gone wrong and we need restoring to our Role as their Banker which they can call on at will knowing we will cough up.

But dear viewer BUT we know how they run their Account and I am dammed if I am gonna finance financial irresponsibility and their delusions of grandeur.


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