Delegating the Frontline Duties of Viewer Interaction to the Friends

Have you noticed that

SA Pastor does 10 days of fasting and prayer in run up to Global Day of Prayer?

Live Crusade Hosts inevitably make good mention of God TV as the seventh wonder of the world as a matter of course (I bet cheers will go up worldwide if God TV get their arses kicked for one I will and I won’t be alone)

Missions Weeks are delegated to whatever speaker they put in charge. The speakers know the Script and get on with it and Viewer is expected to passively cough up and pray up and say up and buy every bit of product book film etc that THE MOVEMENT produces AS  Movements require MONEY!!

More on but Wendy and Rory and Co conspicously avoid behaving like normal bog standard present live presenters.

GTV is another example of Scripts in action and delegated activity and pouncing nasty surprises on unsuspecting youth leaders.


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