The UCB Connection:Frawley and Co or How Chris Cole provides clues to Investigators!

UCB are very Chris Cole aka God TV Friendly.

Robbie Frawley delivers God Boxes to Eastern Europe (BTS).

UCB practice the pastoral healing church hating modus operandi common to God TV. This I believe undermines the whole ministries of UCB aka Foreign Colonial Power in style of Empire Building in global terms and of God TV who fails to see and see in the spirit individuals in the Spirit as God does and various situations surrounding those individuals as other radio stations do.

The Ministry of God TV is wholly in line with UCB: that of one size fits all and an OVEREMPHASIS ON EVANGELISM AND SOCIAL CONCERN.

It is almost as if one evangelises ONE CAN TREAT THE CHURCH AS ONE LIKES and SOCIAL CONCERN means your behaviour to Church doesn’t have to be one of impeccably SAVED standards.


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