Women word leaked to Cliff and Andre in stage managed celebration at Jesus Cares

Cliff and Andre Scott leaked ‘word’ gotton by the Lord alledgely waking her up.

Real causes here I surmise:insommia, bullima still present, unhealed wounds because you have to serve others regardless of the junk you ‘ve been doled out.

Cliff and Andre Scott are Rory Alecs spiritual Fathers and Mothers. Rory Alec would never allow anyone outside the Clique aka Incesterous cultural ghetto* citation  needed)  to be in charge of ‘his’ Charities. Actually fully working Charities Ministries that God TV has decided take over for it’s purposes putting a whole new meaning on ORIGINAL CREATION AND GENESIS OF MINISTRY AND CREATOR CO-CREATOR OWNERSHIP OF IT and that fact that various Ministries working under Alec’s gives the illusion of power.


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