23rd May 2007 God TV Ad for Pledge Fufillment which stands at 50%

You will recall dear Viewer that we raised £6m ($12M) and that Rory prayed [in vain I might add] for a £bn which he is ripe for. Well only 50% of the Pledges have been fulfilled meaning only £3m (not much) instead of the pushed for £6m which we have ALREADY acted on rather than possibly admit there was no money in the bank.

Well look back on previous posts and we will see a bit of a trend:

  1. Makhakos and Angel Foundation Aid Projects now Angel Aid with World Vision under John Bonjourno who has known the Alec’s for years.
  2. The Jerusalem Appeal which is now annual**(citation needed link to God TV site) still a gross £2m to be paid. (Its not looking good isnt it)
  3. The Ron Luce Youth Generation appeal no figures mentioned but £100,000 per pop is a rough idea of what it costs to film LIVE.
  4.  And of course Pledge Fulfilment needs of 50% especially in light of Rory Alec admitting’ that they don’t have large balances'(Missions week this year I think)

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