News to come: The Alecs stage manage Opening of Machakos Transmitter and other stories

  1. Rory and  Wendy’s doubts  are all on show just look for long enough and carefully enough.
  2. Wounded Woman word leaked to Cliff and Andre prior to broadcast of Wendy so called ministering to us for the sake of the New Movement.
  3. Rory Alec’s heart is in South Africa and US NOT in UK where the Money and prayer are the key things NOT the Country of UK England sweet England.
  4. Who is that Pastor featured on Vision Reels who presumes to speak for this nations pastors a friend of theirs no doubt  roped into their PR strategy.
  5. Reading Chris Cole and Clues provided for those investigating God TV as theological and academic phenomenon.
  6. Wendy Alec IS NOT HEARING FROM GOD and doesnt want to read the emails as she is in a fantasy land ofJoyner.
  7. Joyners Visions and false callings.
  8. God TV’s Underlying PR strategy to cover up financial troubles implicit agendas.

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