CALL FOR POSTS: Send us your Not Read Deleted Emails from God TV!!

Dear Viewers

Kiss kiss. (we will get this over as quickly as possible Mrs Alec gives resssuring look).

You know at God TV that we don’t like the Awkward Sqaud. So if you have tough questions, if you have concerns about the Ministry and its Allies you had better go elsewhere. Basically GOD will look after you with no help whatsoever from us. ( you are left to your own devices as to how to deal with various spiritual product emmanating from your Screens Dear Viewer). Church Leaders who are concerned about the wellbeing about members had better be alerted to the fact that if you aint saying nice things about us the email will be deleted.

Back to sanity: Send us copies of deleted emails with concerns not addressed by God TV. Then they might be forced to listen something they had rather not do when they are too busy empire building their precious beloved Ministry.


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