Keep track of Mark Goodge too He suppresses freedom of speech and expression in Christian context online

Mark Goodge is the God TV Cross Rhythms Thought Police. Only posts favourable to God TV Joyner Cross R CCM go in. His mates moderate on UK Christian Religion including I am ashamed to say an Academic who should know better and be more discerning.( how she could NOT see what I see baffles me considering breath of observation required for a PhD). Watch him in Usenet Hierachy. Download Gruen Report from here/intotruth and gasp in amazement at the displays of compromising/disbanding/dismantling before your eyes and DO SOMETHING.

If they do something suggesting they don’t like your Ministry Curses Sung CCM curses then REBUKE THEM and send them to the Cross.

It is they who are sad NOT YOU.


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