More Net Commentary on God Channel

God TV Anonymous

Just been watching the whacky God Channel where there is some sort of collection going on tonight. I have to say I have been sickened by the way in which giving is encouraged by notions that the greatest giver becomes materially the richest man ( based on Solomon)and the linkage made with healing.

My irritation is increased by the fact that one of my churches has today had its annual Gift Day. I know that many of our people give sacrificially but I would rather shut the place down than to use such methods.

It is sad but I could never recommend this channel to anyone seriously interested in Christianity. Yet it is addictive and I blame my addiction on Richard Hall who seems to have a similar problem. Trouble is we both have wives who cannot stand it. So I guess that Richard and me are destined to end up as sad lonely men losing what remains of our sanity as we with forrified fascination we watch God TV, hoping to be rescued by rapture!

From the Turblent Cleric

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