God TV Joyner theology in action watch Revelation TV for threats and compromises in action

  1. Prosperity preachers such a Murdock and other american guy forced on UK viewers.
  2. Murdock now has Gym and Rolls Royce to add to two planes.
  3. Benny Hinn and Roy harthern. God TV ‘s effort to diminish the competition by making it MORE LIKE THEIR OWN. Benny Hinn is a false prophet who gets his guests to do prophetic hard work because he stands not in God’s Council a terrible indictment. Lavish lifestyle and rapid imitation of Rory Alec and Reinhardt Bonke.(good guy whose friendship with Alec’s forces compromises although it will be denied by them of course)
  4. Assume of course as the Alec’s belong to US to Heritage USA that they would NOT be here unless it is to raise upwards UK fundraising to previous45%  levels.
  5. God TV PR is on overdrive now from once a week BTS to3x daily at least 30x a day.
  6. Saturation of God TV PR meant to disapate sites like mine to help viewers to view God TV and its competitors critically. Good bad and ugly and wonder is TV and Radio Church healthy or are they unjustifiably pointing the finger?

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