Richard Dawkins on God Channel from their site

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This is a copy of an email that we recently sent to Richard Dawkins in order to gather support for organizing and setting up an atheist satellite to try to counteract the “God Channel” and its dishonest, sickening broadcasting content. Has anyone out there seen their recent fund raising activities entitled “Mission Week” ? If not then I would advise them to check it out.

It is about time we rational thinkers did get organized and not, like Richard so accurately put it, behave like cats and wallow in our individualism. Something organized needs to be done soon and we would like to stand up and say that if anyone out there is in agreement with the principle of an atheist satellite channel then please get in touch with us, now!

If the “God Channel” can do it and succeed in broadcasting their fairy tales to the world, (and to get millions of dollars in return to fund an even more extensive infrastructure) then why can’t we? We have a message of reality to get across and again, as Richard has said, there are millions of atheists out there that need to have the confidence to “come out”. It is time we attempted to reach the world with the “gospel” of real truth based on evidence, humanism and simple common sense.

Yes it is a big task, but it is possible with the desire, efficient business-like planning and financial backing.


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