NEW God TV Cross Rhythms and the Church Leaders

Lloyd Cooke Saltbox

Craig Marsh

and CHRIS COLE went away on Weekend to seek God’s face about the City. Fair Do’s ay.

Social Concern.

Everything is lovey dovey until of course the shit well and truly hits the fan as soon as your will conflicts with theirs, as soon as you don’t go along with this Grand Party of Love. Then the Subtle Spiritual Attacks begin and the problems will multiply. This Blog will show you how and When and characteristics of Spiritual attacks with their damaging effects. So once you know from this blog what they are.  Then you can do something radical: Dear Church Leader and suffering Prophet/ic Member Invoke the Corporate Cross* copyrightallrightsreserved. Using the Cross as exposited by Desert Stream to needed Corporate application. Healing Ministries if I am right you take it on board yes yes how marvellous wonderful anointed. Perhaps I am the next big thing in the Armoury of the Movement to sustain it when if this Blog is right then the aforesaid Movement is in serious grave life and church affecting prophetic error.

Lets be clear if you ‘re gonna split lets do it like the Baptists, Methodists now all working together etc Splits that fit like.


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