Unconditional love and service as Modus operandi would stretch them too far and expose them too much

Unconditional Service SERVING our Agenda not theirs with NO PRODUCT PLACEMENT or DEAL MAKING too much too much.

We have to sell we have to sell no relations unless God TV Cross R Joyner etc Message to Schools. Unconditional Service would expose too much discomfort, pain, sin unease etc.

Church Leaders and members we would have to watch and take authority over their deviant appetites we who are supposed to bend to their every whim to finance and pray for THEIR BLOODY MOVEMENT; at costs far in excess for what is reasonable suffered silently and in secret place or perchance where we know our voices will be heard in the Secret place here and Harvestnet.

I praise God for everyone who has posted who is hidden from view. I dread to think of what REALLY GOES ON when we are not praising you , yessing your every Scheme, pressurised by promise of wealth to support your every dream of ESCAPING US AND DOING IT ON YOUR OWN, IS YOUR DREAM YOUR ROYAL THRONE????!!


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