Final Post for Today: Selling the Church down the Line or the Clique Prophetic

  1. Preacher on God TV are friends or mates to use Message to Schools terms.
  2. Comfort is the name of the game as the true needs of the Body whereever it may be is surrendered to desire for perpetaul comfort of Powers that be on God TV. Joyner does it, Elijah List are comfy and friendly and are God TV supporters God TV I think beyond Prophetic TV and Elijah List SECRET SPONSERED STATION.
  3. The Split (Francipane preaches against splits but belongs to the most dangerous compelling and problemmatic one as on Joyner Board and God TV Trustee) is composed of you guess it FRIENDS let me hear you say it Student FRIENDS yer Mates yer Pals, your Buddies, because
  4. We are such a lot of shit holes so ugly and ungodly they can’t possibly have us on Their Channel and only then as Servants SERVING OUR PROJECTS unconditionally no strings attached not a sole project but as Servant exercise would result in ugly displays of discomfiture and pain on behalf of Servers which you would have to take authority over insisting rightly its for their goods AS THEY CANNOT SEE.
  5. 144.0000 resources in God Shop versus at least a million if not more at Christian Bookshops worldwide should indicate to you HOW FEW RESOURCES THEY THINK ARE WORTH THEIR WHILE, FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS always figure and can be milked financially.
  6. American of course. The US Church is hardly in fine fettle or Christian TV and the Church lets say Anglican I believe God has NOT given up on (UK Church pray for its BEAUTY) Lord protect source my Church, me the shit hits the fan on this baby), Black Majority Church is not without its problems although I believe also God is in it.
  7. Scandals justifiably exposed of American Prophetic; The Kansas City Prophets (Bickle, John Paul Jackson, Paul Cain) Rick Joyner (i believe is fantasy not God given reality ) Day trips to Heaven Elijah list do NOT manifest in accountable relationships to Family of God as problems are ignored deleted and The FAMILY OF GOD HAS TO DEAL WITH IT ALL BY THEMSELVES.If the Sheep aint protected they have to take it into their own hands. (corrupt kings Israel run to protection OT)

In Jesus Name. For prosperity of Promo2 which I CAN get into LORD MIGHTILY MOVE , MIGHTILY DO THINGS, TIDY FLAT TIDY MOI NEW MORNINGS AWAIT (dream-ed sleep and sunshine); for my beloved Family who have suffered at the lack of love shown to me, the guilty parties not up to love it is somehow beyond them to go all the way in Commitment, faithfulness, problem solving for refusing to listen deleting emails etc. All I have to be is GOOD FOR PROMO2 and be the me God knows is there and do it other areas of my life; get Linda H back to fold, Fruit here and seed planted sprouting into the Kingdom. My Family are worthy of wondrous reports from Church. Now I rave on about my beautiful Church to them and to my neighbours**

Only by Grace can we enter into prescence of God

only with his help can we stand.

The love mercy and acts of God towards me most specially LEGAL BACK UP WHEN I DID JACOB PRAYER If I am right about xxx yy zz IF this resumes the Blog informs the whole world of concerns for agreement as homogeneised viewing populations are allowed to surface as discrete individuals loved by a God that would scare the shit out the above-and us. For this I thank God that I can delight in what he does to me and the goodness shown to the Saints across the World.


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