Rory Alec dreams of becoming like Marcus Lamb Daystar CEO

Lamb obviously pumps his money back into Daystar although Alec denies that fact.

Rory Alec said on Missions Week don’t forget only wonderful because of Millionaire Bailout and the Famous Vault Picture which I believe I covered here. That the Enemies of God tv were trying to stop God TV being funded. Enemies=Christians=Devil Incarnate get the picture and POSITIVE ONLY prophesying if you can call it that that don’t tend to come true because the Alecs have NOT stood in the Council of God although that is their claim: Daytrips to heavenlies, angels etc.

The Lion Eagle thing so called prophetic is simply this that the UK will cough up again to keep this pathetic show on the road.

Prayer from IHOP and other Elijah List ministries                would have had influence although getting Rory Wendy and that crew to be NICE behaving like normal bog standard presenters interactivity is displayed to viewers good bad ugly responses- would truly be a miracle as would honesty  over the cover up over J’Marc Davis of defunct Message to schools band Raze-Cross Rhythms and Message to schools insists on selling this band despite of the Scandal attached.

Anyway with Rory Alecs history of Bankruptcy and financial mismanagement I doubt the veracity of this ambition.Or that Ministries such as Mike Murdock, Nassir Sidiki gloss over viewers real needs in relation to the financing of the Kingdom of God in favour of universal simplistic sticking plasters and WOF denials.


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