FAILED Prophecies or the one that got away NEW SUBJECT on The Governmental Goals of God TV

Wendy Alecs keeps on having prophecies about the UK coughing up to keep the God TV show on the road.

We all know the Alecs would rather be in North Carolina at Heritage USA rather than fester in this cold wet land but will say that God sent them rather than their finances which of course is the reason they are here.

The UK has been described manifoldly as a ‘Storehouse’ which could be raided any time to keep Ministry going or recieve fresh calls for  funds.

God TV is full of UK prophecies relating to cuddly US UK ‘Special Relationship’. We all know the Brits find American Preachers and American Televangelists an anathema to them (We do have rather better taste If I may say so);  I Personally squirm when i see another American preacher who in true style is after my money especially if I am the Modern Day Widow of Zarapeth him of course or her being The Prophet. God TV and their friends who are Christian Radio UCB and Cross Rhythms now online have some of the highest percentage of American Preachers in fact you will probably see one or two Brits at the most Nicky Gumbel WHO IS NOT A FRIEND and someone else I guess J John but HE IS A FRIEND. Although the Alecs will deny it they would rather be with Joyner than here and say it is  call rather than a desperate attempt to breathe life into a declining ministry horse.

The Prophetic exposes the true nature of God TV fueled as it is by the American Prophetic Elijah List Joyner being the centre of it all and God TV Joyner having controlling shares in with governmental functions.

A look at Morning Star programe shows us all we need to know you dear precious viewer (just LOVE the money love it only time you see us all in the flesh is when its pay day for the ministry kiss kiss) as you see all their beloved Prophets wheeled out to kick our ungodly accusing arses into shape.

Morning Star Guest Preachers List

Cindy Jacobs

Dutch Sheets (The Call with Lou Engle another friend of God TV and Joyner evidence Picture of Lou Engle praying for someone at a Joyner function)

THE NAR New Apostolic Reformation see Into truth The Prophets are coming to your town ready or not.

I just need to come out with List.

I have had attacks on me in my dreams. I am under Leadership and I know God only with his love and help is in *my* Church and help me Lord HANDLE whats wrong with *my* beloved C of E much maligned by these folks who should be in my Beloved. (Instead a Secular Group occupies its place I love em they rock my world); I have had evil spirits try to attach to me en route to Tesco but Brian Nicolson ex Vicar of St Johns pointed it out in a Sermon I can now cut them off. GOD WANTS ME REAL GOD WANTS ME REAL GOD WANTS THE REAL *MOI*

I also protect when I see on God TV hiding, doubt, uneasiness, etc the gaffes make splendid viewing as does spotting where the Editing Machine has been up in action.

This Project also I use to protect Church people I know and though its a lot non Christians also. I believe there are LEGAL grounds for this Blog and refusing the many pressures and hard sell of God TV.(Viewers treated as God designed in fact make best PR on the planet word of mouth is Gods promotion machine). My local neighbours have all been recommended by me to stay away: there are safe programmes but one views them from a dangerous pressurised window.

As far as WATCHING this dreadful Channel I take from it what I will be it Research Data (Academic Purposes and to *moi’s* credit), music but reject the Joyner influence music and prophetic outright so evidence in Cross Rhythms or Joyner Rhythms as I prefer to call it the CROSS being the highest Act of Love to human kind Society Community and Individual. God TV slaughters dreams on the altar of the Clique and kills itself on the CLIQUE PROPHETIC. I merely expose the killing fields. God TV is my Theology Lesson in WHAT NOT TO DO in the Christian life. I have no desire to emmulate the Alecs except in own a TV Station have some Media Power beyond that it is useless. Power Relationships are worth immitating beyond that its ministry suicide all the way; she says as this Blog is headed up to the 10,000 Views Mark.


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