Expect God TV to get its minions to pray against God TV documentary given Green light

Source Digital Spy.

God TV and its minions will do everything in their power that if it gets out damaging them to limit the damage and engage in furious PR exercises, try to get ‘BIG’ contacts, seek to penetrate the BBC and other terrestrial Broadcasters and exercise its power in stopping it for preference.

In case you haven’t noticed God TV refuses normal Press Coverage prefering to have themselves remark about themselves and how wonderful they are.

Speech patterns reveal predictable Scripts which are constantly paraded before the viewers that one practically memorises. Those patterns show more than anything their lack of commitment and disdain of the viewers and their fundemental activity of occupation on other tasks.

80% is what you DO’NT see. 20% is evangelism. E Word a billion souls as they profess would take up all Staff hours of 160 worldwide. Methinks the 80% is more interesting and my figures reveal that my Readers want to know about that figure more than the PR and Scripts of God TV because God TV are afraid of their audience and they are supposed to be Broadcasters. Well you know Wogan? Johnny Walker, R1 DJ’s, Anita Anand who is more honest that lot or God TV with their programmed speeches audience control etc.

I am proud that a Terrestrial  Broadcaster contacted me on MY RESEARCH because it looked sufficiently serious to warrant their interest and that a Christian Newspaper said YES.


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