God TV reach their highest MW Target breaching £6m or $12m with a history of declining MW and emergency action taken by Alecs to step loss of support from UK Viewers

I have just looked at the figures ONLY TWICE has the famous £4m target been met. Spring 2007 and sometime back details are in Notes. This has been leapt on by Rory Alec as an attainable Target when MW times approach overestimating Viewers goodwill and willingness to help out.

THEY ONLY REACHED THE TARGET BECAUSE OF THE 2.5M EXCEPTIONAL MILLIONAIRE BAILOUT. Otherwise they would have had a job to raise the monies and not even reached neutral deficit positive side.

Rory Alec’s overspending will in time lead to our old friends The Deficits reappearing again leading to more Begging letters and CMTV sexing up the Viewers in order to coax them to cough up in some misguided belief that it will add up to something in the end-which it won’t if you don’t toe the line.

So in view of their history I would say they ain’t out of the woods yet and Joyner, Heritage USA, Virginia USA are an agonisingly long way off.

Revelation vs God TV Fundraising: Who is more successful the ONE WEEK 100% Target with jammed lines and Viewer warmth or the Extended Push Force of Viewers to meeting God TV Target over 2 weeks and if necessary all March which is NOT a Week.????

In this Industry or in the Church LESS is certainly MORE.


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