The Souls won by God TV The Live Automatically Updated Statistics Challenge!!

Dear Precious Viewer,

As you see if you look closely comparing us to secular DJ’s and Presenters who are SO MUCH MORE FRIENDLY THAN US (We are trying to avoid you we are SO UNCOMFORTABLE UGH LIVE AUDIENCE FLESH CRAWLS WINCE WINCE Revulsion, avoidance, turn to Clique); we don’t present LIVE AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED STATISTICS ON THE LATEST PERSON WON BY OUR MINISTRY. We expect you Dear Viewer on a Wing and on a Prayer (PRAY FOR US PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR THIS PRAY FOR THAT ABNORMAL SSSSSSSSSSH) TO believe that you shall see ALL the lovely souls in Heaven which GOD TV with YOUR FINANCIAL HELP AND PRAYER SUPPORT has won, then you and us shall be satisfied as we melt into eachothers arms and we no longer have the daily hassle of avoiding the Viewer on Earth.. You see We don’t publish LIVE UPDATABLE Statistics as a bug on God TV anywhere in the known Universe; we expect to break all the Rules of Evangelism: LIVE Situation to pray for, LIVE problems and needs and LIVE How God moved in situation leaving Heaven to sort out imponderables of those who came to Christ despite of being too shy to see a Counsellor at the front. We think we can con you by not having LIVE AUTOMATICALLY UPDATEABLE STATISTICS PROVIDED BY OUR MINISTRY AND NOT BY Global Pastors Network (which we have suddenly got pally with as Viewers are up our arse on this); Message to Schoools or THE MESSAGE Joyner MESSAGE, or any other Ministry but GOD TV. So dear Viewer DON’T challenge us on this. Don’t call us to account for this matter. We haven’t kept a Record of Souls won and are scrabbling about desperately in the Office trying to find those bloody Statistics.

yours truly Rory and Wendy Poos, Chris Cole your Mate in the UK and Other Associates.


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