Another Link plus Excerpts David Wilkenson blasts

Faith Preachers.

On God TV Jesse du Plantis

Benny Hinn

Steve Munsey

Kenneth Coupland

Another speaker warned the crowd, “Do not ever give to the poor — give only to the blessed. You will be blessed yourself only as you give to the blessed. Giving to the poor is a waste of your money.”

These greedy men were boasting about their multi-million dollar homes, jewelry, multi-million dollar jet planes, and luxury cars. One boasted he had ten million dollars. They all claimed to be rich men. The tragedy was, the people loved it! They were being exploited by a perverted gospel.

God’s word says of these rich, greedy preachers, “Their judgment is near, and their destruction will not sleep” (See 2 Peter 2:3). They have become blatant and arrogant in their greed. They now preach that you cannot receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit until you prosper. That’s blasphemy!

In a sermon preached six months ago and circulated widely on cassette tapes, New York pastor David Wilkerson blasts prosperity doctrines, “holy laughter”, and the flamboyance of Evangelist Benny Hinn.

In Wilkerson’s April 11 sermon titled “Reproach of the Solemn Assembly”, Wilkerson warned his 7,000 member Times Square Church to burn books written by any propagators of these doctrines. He also told his parishioners to stay away from Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne’s Good News New York crusades that ran from July 7 to August 14…

Wilkerson described how one of the speakers at a Copeland conference bragged about owning a $15,000 dog, a $32,000 ring and was selling his 8,000-square-foot house to buy a larger home. Wilkerson says he takes issue with the notion that “the Holy Spirit cannot be poured out until you first are in the money flow.”




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