Dear Readers: My Blog is featured on WordPress Growing Blogs at No 36 out of a 100!!

To tell you the truth the way this Blog is read if anything has got deeper and wider and more open to what I try to make true faithful non-accusing account of God TV’s nefarious activities. (Just put JOYNER IN and add his THEOLOGY WALK THE TALK ON THEOLOGY and see how it pans out on the Internet). The fact that God TV and it’s minions read this Blog speaks for itself. The very fact that they actually READ it and not DELETE it gives me a sense of power. The poor darlings are forced to confront a bunch of bloggers who are faced with the utterly loathsome misery-making task of being Scribes to this horrible Movement. And they can do NOTHING ABOUT IT. I have seen changes in God TV since they started reading the Blog. The LIVE Programming ( a world away from the standard setting Revelation TV who is Market Leader in Live programming inspiring Premier and other Christian Broadcasters), the NET Activity God tV speaks of Social networking, online community all this is a million miles from the Insular Cultural Ghetto making love to one of its own and expecting us to take it. (The ICG is still in place and much clinged too social inadequecy even social dysfunction an abiding characteristic of the ICG) . God TV now visits Churches with GTV which is far too controlling for me to endorse it I fart you cheer I smile you cheer I stick my tongue out you cheer banning any spontaneity, doubt, fear apprehension and any other unfavoured emotion from the Scene). FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY GOD TV PUBLISHES FIGURES !!! THESE SHOULD BE ONLINE AND UPDATED FOR EVERY SOUL TO SEE THOSE LIKE ME AND THOSE WHO I USED TO BE LIKE IN LOVE, MAD OVER THEM TAKING TIME, MONEY EFFORT, RULE BREAKING AND A DOUBLE PROMOTION TO FIND OUT THAT MY DREAMS WITH THEM WERE TO BE DENIED AND THAT PROPHETICALLY DREAMS WERE’NT POSSIBLE(Dreams can’t survive when there is error despite of what God TV says and anyway it depends on a form of Social Contract and Gift Exchange (Rousseau and Mauss read once and not yet read) where you do your bit and we do ours (lovey dovey in heaven etc kiss kiss kiss). This is a bad deal.

It seems to conclude that giving ALL THE GLORY TO MY LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST WHO LOVES ME AND WANTS ‘ME’ ‘ME’** that by proposing to publish old Missions Weeks figures, by noting the Gaffes and the bits they didnt see in the Editing Room (LOVED EDITING ROOM LOVED EDITORS!!) IT IS PUTTING THE WIND UP GOD TV JOYNER-ED ARSE AND THEY ARE BEING FORCED TO RESPOND.

My Google rank is 3/10 and I feature highly in Google …alongside God TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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