A Cuddly Show for Joyner with Live Audience doubles Joyner output and puts Joyner in more cuddly friendly light

Good News is a showcase for the Elijah List centred as it is around Joyner to show Joyner in a more friendly light.

It is a move away from the Joyner we all know and love the Prophet whose continual refrain is ‘WE NEED TO do xxxyyyzz [the church that is not them under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!] AND THE SPEECH PATTERNS I PICK UP JUST FROM YEARS AND YEARS OF PAINSTAKING LISTENING .(Discourse Analysis I believe perhaps I get lessons in my own home and Kate teaches herself ). It is an Image Makeover from the harsh tones of The Harvest and we must assume the mantle they’ve given themselves of Fivefold to the Nations with national and international saturation strategies (Innervation Trust, Message to Schools, God tV, Cross Rhythms, Gilead, Manchester prayer movement led by Frank and Debra Green as publicised on UCB supported by Jennifer Nevill, the Clique at UCB very Cole Friendly!!). Here and I watched a couple of programmes (The ethnographies of God tv one day perhaps what an object of study in the Sociology of Religion proposed by me one day??!!)  Joyner with his gigantic Monolith of Heritage USA stands like a Cathedral above the horizon of Charlotte North Carolina. We KNOW whose in the house!(And we know who is visting our churches, seeking to reform them, put them onto IHOP and our KCP mate Bicklepoos and Cross Rhythms and God Tv. Get the picture) Make no mistake about it dear viewer make no mistake about it GOD IS SPEAKING DO NOT BE DISOBEDIENT Sorry a new fresh friendly Joyner with Live audience a Talk Show full of friendliness and love and THE BIGGEST THE GREATEST the BIGGEST SHOT awaits your company dear viewer at God TV showing at your TV right near you.

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