God TV PUSHES for the £5.00m or$10m Target

Thats the only way I can describe it. They are PUSHING for the Target to be met regardless of personal costs to the Viewer who are manipulated into parting with large sums of hard earned money for the sake of Wealth Transfer and Lifetime Blessings. This is selling of indulgences despite of protestations to the contrary. Mike Murdock owns two Cesnas, Benny Hinn wants his own Gulfstream Jet now Rory Alec wants to be a Multimillionaire out of media projects he has in mind.

I am amazed that Ministries should pay for plane owning Word of Faithing prophetic which denies pastoral and ministry needs and thinks one can FAITH IT or simply sing Scripture over it the sticking plaster over all ills ensuring that god TV never touches viewers where the shit really truly hits the fan. A nightmare.

However pledge fufillment  rates are poor. Rory and Wendy are back in UK to get the Lion to finance the Prophets (Eagle) and ensure God TV stays on the air. They would rather be with Joyner in the US although their speech is peppered with ‘The lord said this that or the other when Their friends beckon (Manchester, north); stuff the expenses occurred by the viewers; the ministry is going down(Rory and Wendy return to UK to chivvy them into Lion Eagle vision which is straight out of Joyner Elijah List the de facto source of so called Blueprint programme from heaven, and they all turn up the whole crew when  ever MONEY is around. They are so visibly perturbed at being LIVE that any secular unconverted shock jock is to be preferred to this lot of unsanctified sin laden flesh.


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