Minimum Target is reached but Rory Alecs propensity to spend knocks God TV off balance

”We don’t keep large balances” Paul Adrenilich thinks 3% Advertising Revenue is for too small for the God TV budget which is forever in the red or in faith.(previous MW)

So tonight new figures as Day 10 closes a very much cobbled together MW.(Missions Ten Days actually)


or £4,103,421 in pounds.

A lot of Ministries which I speculate are Elijah List have been praying behind the scenes Names should be released. So you get sufficient prayer back up (for a change) viewers cough up. Now the REAL question is praying about the characters behind the deleted emails, the uncomfortable demeanors, the selling of the Church down the line so you can be with your mates aka The Incesterous Cultural Ghetto, the Three Planes (Benny Hinn and Mike Murdocks Two Cesna’s), Word of Faithing etc. Then the real battle lines are drawn and the shit hits the fan once the love and fervour die away.


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