The ‘Prophetic’ Picture The Lion UK will finance The Eagle The US Prophet Scene KCP, Rick Joyner Elijah List et al

So prophetically in the Spirit by the Spirit the Brits will finance the US Prophetic that is the Kansas City Prophets Bickle, John Paul Jackson, and Bob Jones, Paul Cain (apostatised), our most interesting friend Rick Joyner (watch God TV just to see how these folks play out on it) and in sum ELIJAH LIST personnel -all one needs needs to know is Dear Viewer you will be financing this in Jesus Name.

As if!

EA response was inadequate as were Church Leaders so back to the Members.. who are more than capable of evaluating the things that went wrong and acting ie not buying books, testing prophecies characters etc. It is a case of when the Leaders fail the Members take over.And even an Edict from the EA will not stray me from this path as these men are dangerous and should be rebuked-in His Safety andMighty Protection and Healing. I also call on my Inheritance in every Saint that resisted heresy, misrepresentation etc it is a High Calling.


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