An Observation: Have you noticed that God TV ALWAYS blames the Viewer for Ministry Failure rather than themselves????!!

It is ALWAYS the Viewer who needs to be educated into how to be a Good Viewer as in cough up, pray up and shut up. The Viewer has to play Financier to the latest daft idea emanating from their Royal Highnesses The Prophets who can change things in Christendom at a whim (See Bob Jones on Blueprints Conference Post on God TV yeah Viewer look at what he said about CLOSING CHURCHES AND HAVING POWER TO BRING HOLY SPIRIT BACK TO A REGION AS IF HE HAD THE HOLY SPIRIT AT HIS BECK AND CALL!!!!!).The Church is made to listen to a Litany of its Latest Faults whilst in fact faith in Christ disintegrates in the background (Reeven Doran and Joyners so called Restoration ministry convenient for God TV) when if you look carefully you can see PRAYERLESSNESS, UGLINESS ( a sure sign of Spirit of God’s absence) arrogrance, flesh, uncleansed desire and hatred (no Holy Spirit to get em to pour out their hatred of Church only to cleanse and correct it and heal it as it will bugger up future ministry with catastrophic effects). Behind the Scenes behind the endless Blame Games and pointing the finger lies ministry failure, a failure and lack of desire to listen to their unpopularity, and disintegrating lives needing BLESSING BLESSING BLESSING IF I AM RIGHT ABOUT X Y Z THEN LORD N Y B (Winning Jacob prayer that won me two promotions but no gains that has hindered promo2 a secret of such proportions as to put their ‘secret’ into the shade) then all the grand prophetic thing doesnt look so wonderful after all and Correction is rightly directed IN THEIR DIRECTION and if God LEGALLY BACKS IT UP AND ONE IS RIGHT WITH GOD ON THIS THEN THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SUBMIT-TO THE CHURCH HATED CHURCH!!!!


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