CORRECTION AND APOLOGIES: Oscars are given to God TV Personnel for good service only CBC Awards given to themselves are fraudelent!

The Oscars which you see in the main corridor where founder families are displayed are awarded to the long term serving members of the God TV Family aka The Clique aka The Incesterous Cultural Ghetto (I heard this searing statement years ago and it SO makes sense! credit to whoever said it it so sums them up)

The CBC Awards are right out of Cronysville. It is SO EASY to award fellow Ghetto members and state falsely that the Awards have the same status of Dove awards which is a lie. But having said that Oscar lookalikes make the ministry look validated from the outside when it fact IT ISN’T.

Other Award Giving Organisations

Andrew Cross Awards

Any BBC Religion Award  I need to do more work on this but you get the picture.


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