A Summary of God TV for Church Leaders and those wonderful Members

  1. “radically change the course, and even the very definition of Christianity.”(Review of Final Quest http://watch.pair.com/quest.html) this means if your Individually Commissioned Work of God, Your Radio, TV Station, your Praying,your Character of Ministry** your Band, your style of Djiing will be
  2. dismantled disbanded or else if we can’t get our way compromised, hijacked as if it were our own and not yours that you spent zillions of hours in hard labour establishing.Ministry Takeovers or Character Changes are as a bad as disbanding and dismantling. Examples include me and ‘wrong’ prayer Cross Rhythms driving this one and unleasing a can of worms. Usenet with our dear friend Mark Goodge who put himself in position of power to stop anti Joyner anti God TV anti Cross Rhythms sentiment from manifesting into out and out rebellion and all out war against the Oppressors at Conway House, Cheapside, Stoke on Trent, KCP Prophets such as Bickle of IHOP, John Paul Jackson provide marvellous examples of their dismantling disbanding and outright judging of Churches operating under the power and love and grace of God. (Pastor Gruen Report on Intotruth) Since God TV and Joyner has those who rightfully oppose this so called Movement the aforementioned do everything in their power to STOP THE OPPOSITION AND HAEMOERAGE OF SUPPORT FROM HAPPENING.
  3. So my Brother or Sister Church Leader and poor prophetic Church member for my darling precious sainted one you lead the vanguard in recognising the horrors you MUST RECOGNISE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE JOYNER BOOKS AND ON GOD TV AND CROSS RHYTHMS. JOYNER THEOLOGY INFECTING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!! Positive only prophecies and comment veritable grovelling. Seeing the Angel of Light is a horrifying but enlightening experience, It is Gods will to see genuine error and flesh in ministry Since God TV and their nemesis Rick Joyner stonewall attempts to contact Ministry (harvestnet) and specialise in the deleted email and indirect response choosing to channel their ‘response’ into CCM which causes MORE DEEP DEEP PROBLEMS The Band with No Name has provided latest offering directly speaking about ‘analysing criticizing’ of latest offering featured on GTV in Manchester. No attempt has been made by Chip K or Cameron Dante to discuss things rationally what’s wrong and not helping their music! nor are attempts reverse to confront me directly.

Recommendations Rebuke to God TV based on Harvestnet and that Viewers and Listeners withdraw support until they correct their errors they are not worthy of normal fellowship.

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