Summary Post Take your most precious and ignore and bypass concerns and questions about Ministry etc

So love that God TV love that Joyner etc  with support, emails, prayers, expensive costly finance that is earmarked for University House Car etc. Spend years and years on their side.

You have concerns,questions? characters are insufficient, deleted emails, prophetic curses and attacks in CCM and being sold down the line (Benny Hinn) compromised and misrepresentative Christianity, coldness of Staffers who are mindnumbingly boring and oh so predictable, cobbled together last minute dream on tv dream on tv is not worth best effort just discussions in car en route to Studio, freedom of speech is stopped as is freedom of expression, no jokes no Cartoons, no music screaming out injustice, no rescue no correction no smacked arses.

Is it worth it? My pastor was right it is just the pain and problems needing healing and solving. Redemptive behaviour will take an army that refuses to back down despite attacks etc because basically the Joyner driven GodTV media Movement is in serious trouble.

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