Rory Alec says ‘You are BEAUTIFUL’ Let us return him to his Prophet Rick Joyner for the REAL STORY

In one book we are portrayed as having demons riding on us. In another ‘The Harvest’ The Fivefold New Movement behoves itself to dismantle and disband any Churches, Ministries, Individual works that GET IN THE WAY OF THE NEW MOVEMENT which dear Viewer is God TV in case you hadn’t noticed.

But I have seen COMPROMISED MINISTRY, HIJACKED MINISTRY as a result of them being Contacts and the Ministry and themselves working together.

Mike Bickle might as well wave bye bye to his ministry now God TV has for all intents and purposes staged a convenient takeover. And even all friends Ministries are subject to or subordinate to The Great Joyner Led God TV Global Multimedia Church Planting and Prayer Moment promoting Movement.

(God TV staff are too busy on ‘missions’ week or Fundraising for the Ministry in all it’s aspects to watch this Blog at the moment)


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