NEWSFLASH:$3m but $1m behind NOT GOOD!

 DAY FOUR  and God TV are behind in their target.

Usually MW performance is characterised by sub-standard performance, unimaginative and boring Preachers, Hi-pressure hard sell tactics. I liken Rory Alec to a Salesman flogging his inferior sub-standard wares which get cobbled together and re-edited in the Beloved Editing Machine (BTS 2006 Plymouth Edition) I have watched God TV for so long that I can SPOT THE REPEAT even though God TV are inconsiderate enough to not bug it to indicate it. I can SPOT THE EDIT, and most important and most significantly for this Blog-Research is I CAN SPOT THE GAFFE!!! My University Education also means I can spot the PR stunts as well as the statistical errors such as the red pin board exaggerating figures of several thousand to hundred thousand or even several million, terrible inflation of very embarassing facts.

Maybe Rory and Wendy oughta get an Education after all.Because it jolly well helps!

Oh and Research-Led too!! Praise God for the prestigious Academic path I have taken: LSE External Extra-Mural Diploma in Economics and The University of Essex Top Rated Departments in Government and Sociology!!!!

By the way this is tiring boring painstaking horrifically painful work. It ain’t fun but please God I can turn it into Academic Research validated, by the aforementioned Research-led Top Rated Prestigious Academic Route.


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