The Gospel worldwide man it’s the JOYNER GOSPEL WORLDWIDE DEAR VIEWER

Dear Viewer

A Big God Bless you. The Theology of this Ministry is RICK JOYNER. You know the bit where Rick has a Vision a day trip up to the Heavenlies (not like Paul who would refuse to speak of it on account of it’s preciousness). Gospel= Salvation=Happy Faces that is dear Viewer until the Shit hits the fan and clashes of interest come into being: like the UK Hierarchy being too bloody inconvenient we cannot allow that to exist, God TV Joyner driven Personnel must be in places of GOVERNMENT to clamp down on Anti-Joyner Anti-Hinn-Anti-Alec sentiment, debate will proceed as free as a River but woe betide that River if it deviates from the Hidden Agenda that the Thought Police set for it (Goodge has given you Tickets to see some famous Bands you know he has Connections Big ones Artist variant there too, fall into line and all will be fine, Joyner friendly music etc etc. Sites such as Governmental Goals must be slated at every moment. Viewers must  be TOLD NOT to read the sites and make up their own minds independent of Rory and Wendy’s PR orientated output (TV, Programe Guides etc) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST INDEPENDENT THOUGHT BE CHERISHED. We are in charge We are the New Movement (wendy Alec desperate prayer Missions week ‘We are a MOVEMENT! and must be clamped down at all costs.

Three Wise Men

My Flava The Night of the Living Dead and The Commitee. (2007 Missions Week Spring 2nd-10th March)

Klaus Lewelling, newly appointed European Director, the new head of Distributions,


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