NEWS FLASH: God TV needs $5m and $500,000 a day over 10 days to make target and picture message

$5000,0000!! If the secret families of East and West hadn’t promised match funding then they would not be cavorting around with half the confidence they have now.

$500,0000 a day is needed to make daily target.

10 days @ 100.0000 is not gonna do it even if people sacrifice for them.

I don’t think that they are gonna make it. And Rory Alecs marginal propensity to let liabilities outweigh assets is a sure recipe for financial suicide.

The Viewers in UK may not want to support them but Rory Alec is crazy enough to sabotage the Ministry all by himself.

The Alecs want to be in North Carolina not England why do you think they are back? Why to get the UK to get back to supporting God TV at 45% of God TV Funding levels again.(Missions Weeks previous painstaking boring Research)


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