Last Years News: An Intruder invades Angel House seeking Citizens Arrest of Alecs Chris Cole shows true colours


If we don’t know we can’t act despite of their best warfare against us. God is THE HEALER HE HEARS THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE(my prophecy)I AM THE ONE WHO HEALS YOU. Jesus

Intruder about 40 years plus old man invades live Missions Week Studio 2006. Chris Cole ‘get the police police’ . Intruder is evicted with force by God tv staff (Chris Cole and co). Rory and Wendy get all apologetic and say they have to evict people from premises and that ‘ an effective work gets opposition to our way of doing things’. Guy wants to make CITIZENS ARREST OF RORY AND WENDY ALEC.

God TV edits coverage deleted sound 3x Wendy Alec wants VT put on (favourable to them), Chris Cole calling for Police edited out. Happy viewers replace damming coverage. Chris Cole says ”we know who they are”meaning they keep tabs on the opposition.

Citizen Reporter Exclusive from me.


  • At Mon Mar 27, 02:30:12 PM 2006, Wobbly Mensa said…

    Please contact me about this, and other issues. I am not a lawyer, nor acting on behalf of anyone else. But we should talk.

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