Who partners with God TV Dear Viewer you are not ALLOWED TO KNOW!!

God TV Rick Joyner Movement Partners what you are NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW


  1. Ulf Ekkman
  2. Benny Hinn Section on as False Prophet damaging the Lost, the vulnerable prophetically abandoned mentally ill and all sectors globally.
  3. Cross Rhythms
  4. Message to Schools (my preferred moniker) or THE MESSAGE (their moniker of choice)
  5. Kensington Temple Colin Dye.
  6. Word Faith Movement Global Leaders Kenneth Copeland Believers Voice of Victory.
  7. MARK GOODGE UK Voting Deputy Coordinator the authoritarian Dictator dictating what Alt Newsgroups SHALL NOT EVER BE FORMED i.e. those opposing the NEW MOVE OF GOD IN our mates God TV!!!!
  8. David Aldous In Depth.
  10. Francis Frangipane of River of Life. God TV Board Trustee. Have you noticed Trustee names are not released so private investigation is forced on all? Hopefully I save you much of the slog but none of the loss of independently reaching your own conclusions. Am I right or am I an accuser of the Brethren Revelation 12.
  11. James and Betty Robison of Global Pastors Network. Republican Free Market Pro poor having charity handouts rather than state welfare,
  12. Global Pastors Network
  13. UCB hidden partner. Robbie Frawley and supportive output at fundraising period’s prophetic support. Chris Coles endorsements of are most revealing as gasp he worked with them and therefore they are well kosher.
  14. Rodney Howard Browne a ministry of great controversy
  15. Toronto Vineyard* a split from main Vineyard Movement
  16. Joyce Meyer?? (Meyer is worth it too, her wealth is too painful and too much to explore one can take so much)
  17. Hillsongs?? (I consider Hillsongs GOOD and worth watching)
  18. Billy Graham?? A Cameron Dante like so included!!!
  19. T D Jakes and Potters House He is ‘in with the right people’ so included.
  20. John and Lisa Bevere lifelong friends who can get ‘the body of Christ into shape’ (Featured on Hillsongs I need to make right judgements and by Gods grace and help and his death for me on the Cross be on the right side of God in this; no matter the hatred abuse or even support.!! Let it be lord especially as you did with Bob and Teri Lee Earl of  Harvestnet.org.
  21. Cross Rhythms partners in Stoke on Trent Manchester Plymouth.
  22. Kay Arthur?
  23. The Late Derek Prince and Ministries.
  24. 700 Club and pray for the Republicans Christian Kingdom of God might into Republicanism accepted as normal Pat Robertson. Free Market philosophy leads to nice poverty for millions of starving Americans who by Gods grace and love can rely on Operation Blessing handouts. Gordon and Pats persons handing out the virtuous bags of shopping purchased by the Charity; rather than the virtue of the horribly ‘earned’ State welfare.
  25. Ashley Schielmier.
  26. Bonni and Mahesh Chavda who live in Virginia a stones throw away from Rick Joyner Rory and Wendy Alec and the mighty behemoth of HERITAGE USA the superstructure imposing itself on all the churches of North Carolina as well as secular institutions. Joyner wants to be able to lend to the Government and so is praying for more money than US Government!!!! God has given him things but what is a GIFT or JUDGEMENT for insisting on hearts way??????
  27. KICC Pastor Matthew is on the Board.




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