The Mental Health Implications of God TV on Vulnerable Persons




Creative not allowed stifling healing creative impulses and their global impact.

Being disbelieved in Church and non Church Setting eg being written about by DJ

Directive prophecy being chosen and not being chosen.

Freedoms of Expression and Movement to problem solve online and offline without inhibition.

Vulnerable members in Church recipients of information usually only known about by Church Leaders.

Fear and Paralysis within domestic home environment to be angry take piss etc.

Climate of fear paralyses normal creative and analytical action.

Normal climate of Christian in environment disrupted by disreputable evil Christian influence powerful NOT loving the brethren.


Mental health implications at perpetrator end and victim end. ‘Dominion dominion!!’ a paranoid Jennifer Hughes.

Mental health implications of being ‘frightened’ of viewers (Chris Cole Missions Week).

Gross Social inadequacy.

An disability to see beauty and salvation in the Church.

Avoidance of LIVE is a warning sign even menacing Christian TV stations respect their audiences in way God TV doesn’t.

Creative malformation has terrible effects on personality which is made to design and create well. Examples of well formed prophetic.

Living in an environment where you constantly have to revise your history and rewrite your story is stressful and one believes a lie. Never facing up to hard truths about failure.

Lacking the humility to face consequences of actions means alarm bells are never rung in collective spirits of  God TV Governmental Movement.

Only wishing to be told devotionally how wonderful you are contravenes the Lords wish to smack our arses in disciplining us as well as overwhelm us with love. Bob Gass.

My mates wrote my Devotional my mates my mates so no nasty little strangers ministries speaking into your life then.

Bob Gass UCB Word for Today and Word ForU Today with Message Trust.



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