No Goals stated but matchfunding on 2:1 ratio from two rich Benefactors East and West Coast of America

God TV Missions Week Live Coverage

£365 pa £1 a day

New Director European Director young appointed.
Founder Family Initiative
Inscribed into wall. NEED INTO SEED
Two Announcements not yet
Usual suspects rolled out.
£100.000 to host CFAN Live Reinhardt bonke
Conference cancelled NO MONEY IN ACCOUNT
from Barbados wiring
doing it as if you had the money BY FAITH RORY ALEC
Claud Bowers on

miracle doesn’t happen very often.
Rory prevents wendy from telling viewers No 4 way to give.
IHOP prayer support.
loads of elderly pensioners pray and give.
the pressure putting it all together.
2 people in our immediate circle one of those people absolute and utter lifeline god tv. chris cole no matter stress and pressure it is working.
NEW SEASON NEW BUDGET hesitates stops
unfold 3x 4 x
The Donald Trump Plan
any power any say in Ministry NO
predict fall short as usual.
$10.000 IN DOLLAR
£2.5m dollars sent into
over 200 Operators round the world.
Johnny Woodrow Special Projects with Bo Sanders.

God has blessed you
2:1 match funding East Coast and West Coast Family
4th million banker increase 2.5m get in touch put thru by me PAdren I will register red telephone $100,000
2.5m $ wipes deficit but doesn’t provide Liquid Capital.

2 separate sources not specified Benny Hinn Rick Joyner Elijah List

  1. Any amount
  2. £1 a day =£365 pa instant and great immediately 500 rupees I month
  3. Founder Family Post Its from Last Year. ALL Equivalents in national currency.

Great Awakening Tour Co-workers God TV
4. can’t say that here NO FOUR for those with MILLIONS TO GIVE. NEW

2 Cities a month.
% of Target Past.
Rory Alec invited on RHB platform not going to fall about.
Next 2 years US light fires Bible Belt etc.
Whole Regions alight.


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