God TVs Proposed £2.5m Broadcast Centre Appeal in EXPENSIVE Jerusalem



God TVs Proposed £2.5m Broadcast Centre Appeal in EXPENSIVE Jerusalem




2.5m for new Broadcast Centre in Jerusalem which is most expensive


(no worries then as its the centre of the universe).


£500.000 total of £2.5m Project per Space Massive Building Concrete like M Street.

UCB Partner Model UCB Model per se.

‘Prophetic Thus Saith the Lord’ the whole Schedule THUS SAITH THELORD.


Intercessors a lot of intercessory Teams in Britain Chris Cole Gods DNA it will it does it . Obi Pax harry, monopolising of perceived prayer ministry major power base.

All your base are ours!!

Restruture our production/editing/ Teams.

Five Folds on God TV and Thus Saith Action on the Ground prove Governmental Thesis.

Souls in obedience to them souls souls souls in obedience to them.


Canon Andrew White

Fait Accompli already paid for done deal the viewer only has to cough up.

Wendys iconic discomforture.

Shortage of Schedulers as ambitions increase for individual country feeds following UK patterns.

Rory Alec watch?

Rory refuses to look poor or begging.

From outskirts to expensive foothills of Mount Zion.

London expensive Washington expensive but JERUSALEM! Rory Alec cuts in with a God slot.

God to justify everything even if he is ICABOD.

New Relaunch Wendy Alec ** restructuring of God TV slip of the tongue.




God TV wants their own space and not have to share.

DECEPTION God TV parading rented Broadcast Centre AS THROUGH IT WAS THEIR OWN!

Newcastle to Israel Reaction to underplayed.

We’ve outgrown it with NINE PEOPLE??!!

Fait Accompli usual Movement Strategy after the event the ones supposedly helping out have no say whatsoever.

God TV wanted own space for 3 years.

Timed Guest Slots.

It has BEGUN..

Hong Kong a one off 20% up front and viewer expected to bail them out.

Friend many years

Guests not allowed to think for themselves or viewers.

15 March 5 Days Missions Week last year 2 MONTHS


Shared Building only a Block like previous.

Executive Management of God TV,

Trustees found!!

People pray for xy z abc abnormal

Ist April deadline for completing Centre.

Many KEY MINISTRIES Key strategy.

See Jerusalem.

Relaunch of Channel.

Jerusalem Live Westminster LIVE Washington live

Dream on TV from Jerusalem.

World Class anointed prophetic THEIR MATES

Gideons army of their mates.

Don’t want to bother with normal Christians then strangers,

Newcastle Right hand Network Controller.

Ist night of missions week in Plymouth

Restruture editing production Teams. Wendy Alec stopped by husband.

Influence power.

HDTV and.

Technologically out of date obsolescence.

Ad is phrased as ‘remarkable opportunity’






In Faith not paid for

Upped deficits.


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