£2m should have come in BTS a verbatim LIVE post


BTS Will God TV make it to Twelve Years???





Worst Christmas ever. Ever since America (Joyner) Assignments against God TV worst. Major Assignments last 11 years.

Christmas it got pretty dark folks. Ceiling and flood room out of bounds.Finances for the ministry Wendy’s talking about fact of the matter is. Either we don’t share Father get the glory. Tempted to put icing on it. Money we get what we do, few millions, what, in missions week even millions have to believe for over and above knows or understands, all these pledges not fulfilled in MW, over Christmas millions had to find EVEN TO STAY ON AIR been thru it many times. All the other assignments devil saying. Equip church reach lost, territorial spirits Babylon and Jezebel, welfare, still have other people, ferocity and violence against god tv, now get back to basics, really go under stress and strain, I don’t’believe satanic assignment HUGE VAULT prayer covering , vault armies of God lot of warfare, satanic armies huge nails huge nails shut down god tv’s resource, bills paid broadcast bills need to be paid. Father he opened the vault with the Angels. £260.000 in.called to equip Church, prepare Bride for end time, generation, prepare for revival, these challenges feels like walking thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death, Prison quote, when completely reliant people god moving , stop people being obedient. Don’t do it for our sake, raise this Ministry Thus saith the Lord, stepping out in faith ie in the red , excellence not arrived,  those nails don’t stay in vault, if you’ve made a pledge, RELEASE you IS HONOURABLE, prayer is, £2m should have come into this Ministry. WE had a challenging Christmas. Still need more millions. Take you back when spoke to Mountain. (viewer hard times ditto). Rubber road.sometimes it takes every bit of guts just to wake up. Breakthrough. WOFING Rhema Bible College. Wofing denies doubts which is written over Rory’s whole counternance.

We’ve been redeemed from the Curse of the law from lack and sickness.

Weapon of warfare. 2nd day of Jan 270.000, some of the real deals we’ve gone thru.

So weary in ministry,,





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